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Estimate the magnitude of all potential savings in just 30 seconds.

Individual measures are a good start.
How about an evaluation of all energetic potentials?

This is a good start for a roadmap towards energy efficiency and CO2 neutrality.
This is also a good start for a goal like “10 years of stable energy prices”!



The quick check gives you a feel for the magnitude of the potential savings. This allows you to make an informed decision about the next step.



For the potential analysis, you need additional data, in particular the number of employees, turnover, site area, cooling generation, vehicle fleet, proportion of LEDs, power failures, energy generation, age of the heating system, waste heat, management systems and ancillary cost exemptions.



The potential analysis is the “litmus test”: where do you stand? What’s in it for you? Many of the entries are optional, but the more you fill in, the more precise the result. You can save all your entries at any time.



Our energy forecast is not just an evaluation. We create this after a joint telephone call based on our expertise and present the results to you personally. Because the energy forecast is just the beginning. The estimates must be verified, assessed and substantiated with concrete measures on site. Then the implementation begins. We confirm successfully implemented projects with our certificates and honor them with our awards. BEGIN